Pursuing Local Clients

Small businesses need design, but do they know it?

Small town woes

Since starting The Hideout, the biggest change to my process is the way in which I qualify clients. My number one criteria for all new projects has become whether or not a potential client has heard of The Hideout or seen our work before. If someone says, “I reached out because of [past project],” they have my full attention.

Local vs Global

For me, the struggle is finding a balance between:

  1. pursuing clients in my area who value working with local businesses AND
  2. being okay with them not having any frame of reference for what I do.

Is it even worth it?

So, then: if context is so important, and local clients in Ruralsville, USA don’t have any… is pursuing local clients even a good idea?



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Titus Smith

Design Dad. Running things at The Hideout Design Company LLC. If I were a typeface it would be something heavyset.