Titus Smith

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Small businesses need design, but do they know it?

Ten takeaways from my month avoiding social media

A group of people at a conference table, raising their hands while a frustrated leader palms their face.


Lemme tell you about the best manager I ever had.

Getting there

ME [frustrated with work]: I think I want to really pursue this design thing.EMILY [super supportive]: You should! Where would you work?ME: I dunno. I could freelance, but I don't think I'd make much money.EMILY: Well, what about working full-time somewhere? So you could learn?ME: I think it would be cool to work for Target. Or maybe ESPN.

Self-portrait, digital (2020)

How I (barely) feel productive during a pandemic

I read 19 books in 2019. Okay, technically I listened to 17 books and read two on my phone. I don’t remember the last time I actually picked up a physical book — am I pronouncing that right? BUH-kuh?

Portfolios with the most consistency always stand out to me, so it makes sense that my favorite artists to work with are consistent. My least favorite… don’t know what they are.

Titus Smith

Design Dad. Running things at The Hideout Design Company LLC. If I were a typeface it would be something heavyset.

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